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Why distance learning with RDI is different

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Article by: RDI

What is Distance Learning?

Thousands of our students have asked that same question and found the answer: a way of learning that works for them.

RDI’s online learning model encourages every student to become part of a community that can enable you to achieve your objectives through first class, interactive learning materials, prompt feedback and support from dedicated academic staff. Through RDI, you will have the opportunity to network with people from across the world and access content when and where you want it through our virtual learning platform, ilearn.

All courses provided through RDI are awarded by highly recognised UK universities and reviewed on a regular basis to make sure you receive the best value from your course. Click here to read more about our university partners.Why RDI for distance learning?

se_onlinelearning_largeAt RDI we want you to benefit from the same opportunities that campus students have. You will be able to come in contact with fellow students and academics; receive access to online library content and guidance and feedback on your assignments. So why not receive all of these packaged in a way that suits your needs?

Online learning has been gaining a lot of popularity and recognition as an effective and efficient study model. For over 22 years, at RDI, we have helped over 50,000 people change their lives in amazing ways.

10 reasons to enrol with RDI this month

se_career1. You can gain a professional qualification from a UK university that is internationally recognised.

2. You can enjoy the flexibility that comes with distance learning enabling you to fit your studies around your work and home-life.

3. You can take advantage of RDI’s flexible payment methods and earn whilst you learn.

4. You are acknowledged by employers for your drive to further yourself as you accumulate worthwhile work experience during your studies compared to on-campus study.

5. A comparatively small outlay can make a significant difference to your future career and earning potential.

6. Your ability to apply new learning you have gained from your studies to current or future work can be highly valued by future employers.

7. You can study online wherever and whenever you choose using RDI’s leading online learning platform ilearn. Access course materials, submit assessments and interact with expert tutors at the touch of a button.

8. You can interact with other students worldwide exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

9. You are entitled to free membership of our International Management Academy allowing you to access extra resources full of management, business and personal development content.

10. You secure access to our Professional Pathways structure that aids your ongoing academic and career development.

Discover how we ensure RDI offers the highest quality experience possible to all students.

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