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Why choose RDI

We're here to help change people’s worlds through higher education and are passionate about delivering the best service and support to help you achieve your goals.

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RDI’s Service and Support

Studying is a big decision that requires investment of time and money, so we provide you all the information you need to make your decision. This begins with our friendly Admissions Team, who are happy to discuss your course options, and continues through to our Student Support Team who will be with you for however long you study.

Our expert tutors are passionate about online distance learning and offer support, drive interaction online and are there to offer feedback and advice throughout your studies.

All the RDI staff are very good, they will respond to your queries, be that anything to do with the course, or any queries on finance very quickly, usually within the next day. This allows you to deal with any problems you may have quickly allowing you more time to concentrate on your studies which is great!

Jamie Henderson is now studying LLB (Hons) Law



of students found that the distance learning schedule works

efficiently as far as their activities are concerned

RDI NSS survey May 2015

The distance learning experts

We have been focusing on distance learning for over 20 years and in that time have helped over 50,000 students, so know how best to support you to succeed through online distance learning. We have developed our ilearn platform to be the best in delivering content in an engaging way which is also flexible and means you never miss a conversation or an opportunity to get involved in the discussion.

Flexibility of Study

Over 90% of our students have a job alongside their studies, so we know that both time and money is precious. We ensure that accessing materials, tutors and support is as flexible as possible so that you remain in control of your time. Because your materials are available 24/7, you get to choose when you study. Because your materials are available online, you get to choose whether to use a PC, tablet, mobile phone or even E-reader to access them.

Our flexibility also extends to our fees. In addition to being typically less than full-time on-campus study, you choose if you want to receive a discount by paying in full or you can choose our pay as you go options – you simply pay for a module when you are ready to study it. This means you remain in control of your finances throughout your studies.


Speaking to a colleague also doing a Masters degree, I found it interesting the differences between our courses. She had to print, bind and post in her essay 4 days before the deadline to make sure it is delivered. I must admit the process where I am able to login (at any time) and just click the submit button, is wonderful. Within seconds you feel the adrenalin leaving your body and you can sit down without worrying about the work getting lost in the post.

Emma Cannaby
MBA 2012


of students say using ilearn has been


RDI Student Survey, June 2013

Full UK university qualifications

We partner with a number of UK universities to offer their courses through online distance learning. This means that you get the best of both worlds: distance learning experts to support you and a full UK university qualification at the end of your studies. You become a registered student of that university, so your certificate will be identical to full-time on-campus graduates and you will also be invited to a graduation ceremony by your university.

Our values make us RDI

We believe in offering you value, flexibility and quality in your studies and we are driven by ensuring we are constantly delivering a world-class service. Many of our own employees are undertaking courses by online distance learning because we believe in their power to change lives!


A truly global student experience

RDI students come from over 150 countries meaning many thousands of people have a truly global experience, interacting with students from many different backgrounds and experiences. If you plan to study from outside the UK, view our handy International Student Guide


  • Can I study from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, you can study wherever you are in the world. Some courses require you to sit formal exams at the university, but we can arrange a local venue if you’re not in the UK.

  • How does distance learning work?

    With distance learning, you follow a UK university course without the need to visit a campus. We provide you with all the study materials you need, tutors for academic support, and a student support co-ordinator who will help make your studying successful and enjoyable.

  • How long does it take to complete my qualification?

    It depends on your particular course, please see the course pages for details. Generally you’ll spend as much or as little time as you would if you were doing a campus-based part-time course.

  • What support will I get?

    Plenty. Your tutors will help you understand and get the most out of your study materials – preparing you not just for the assessments but also for your future career. Your student support co-ordinator will help you with the admin and non-academic side of things. And our IT support team will make sure you use ilearn to the full.

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