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How online study with RDI works

You are likely to have many questions about how online distance learning works, so we have brought together lots of information, examples and answers, which we hope will help illustrate how our flexible study can fit you and your lifestyle. 

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  • Will I be able to succeed?

    Many thousands of people have before you. Studying for a university qualification part-time is a big commitment, but with the teaching and support we give you, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.

  • Will there be anyone else like me on the course?

    Definitely. More than 7,000 students are enrolled through RDI from over 150 countries worldwide. 76% of students doing a UK university qualification through RDI are adult learners. We’ve got students from many different backgrounds, but they all share the same goal of getting a UK university qualification and changing their life and the world for the better.

  • What if I find the course too hard?

    We won’t enrol you on a course unless we’re confident it’s right for you. UK university courses are designed to challenge you, but if you feel you’ve started at the wrong level, let us know and we’ll discuss your options.

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