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What RDI students say:
Patricia Shepherd

BA (Hons) - Guyana

I’m 22 years of age and live in Guyana with not so many options to study. For some time I’ve been going back and forth to find a prestigious institution of which to venture my path to success. After examining a few options I came across an advert for RDI distance learning in a local paper. I decided to give it a try even though I wasn’t quite sure online study was the way to go rather than full time. But I was astonished; the experience was great, supportive, different yet inspiring in every way comparing to what I would’ve gone through recently.

I applied to study the BA (Hons) Business and Management, even though I wasn’t ready for that stage, RDI didn’t reject me but instead help me build a foundation so I can get there. As a result I’m presently studying an HNC/D Business and Management and, upon successfully completing such, I’m definitely moving on to achieving my BA.

Apart from the financial process and options being easy and affordable, the support is great, all staff are effective in communicating, being supportive etc in whatever the instance may be. The course itself has helped me to improve my knowledge and capacity both practical and theoretical; I can now apply myself effectively to any situation.

I will definitely recommend RDI to those who think they don’t have an option and can never achieve their goals and make their dream of becoming a professional in whatever field a reality.

Take my word for it – this is an advantageous experience and therefore I conclude distance learning to be equal (if not better!) to that of full time studies; I have no regrets choosing RDI distance learning, it has transformed me into a whole new person that I love. All my colleagues and family members are impressed with the individual I’ve become after I started studying this course with RDI.

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What RDI students say:
Bernadette Bunch

BA (Hons) - Bahamas

Furthering my education has always been a set goal for me, but the thought of being restricted by sitting in a classroom as well as dealing with family and work commitments forced me to put aside achieving this goal for many years. While browsing the Internet, I saw the RDI banner on the webpage offering online studies and I opened the page.
I was amazed by the positive student testimonials and began visualizing the benefits that online studies would provide to me. I realized that with RDI, I can further my education without being limited to a classroom, which was ideal for me being a wife and mother as well as working full time.

I have not looked back and I am proud to say that I have just completed the second of my 3 years with RDI!
My experience with RDI from my very first contact with the Admissions Department, which was mostly made up of questions that I had regarding the process of studying online and attempting to feel comfortable enough to decide that this my path for furthering my education, to this point, where I have completed my 2nd year, has always been handled in the most professional, caring and timely fashion.

The financial options offered by RDI are awesome and makes it affordable for anyone deciding to study with them. In particular, the offering of modular payments makes the courses financially manageable as well!

And I love the Study Support aspect! The course that I am studying, BA (Hons) Business Management, includes study support offered through the IMA materials, and a list of recommended books and websites are included with each module for further reading, to assist with understand the module and answering the assignment questions.
Student Support has always been there for me to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during my studies. They are prompt, responsive and efficient. Every single response from Student Support to all of my question, are always handled professionally and provide a level of comfort to me knowing that there is always someone who can guide me, or answer any questions that I may as my studies progress.
‘Hats Off’ to the RDI Student Support!

The knowledge gained from each module has afforded me the opportunity to take part in conversations and offer my suggestion on matters, that in the past, I would not have been able to contribute due to lack of knowledge. Through my studies with RDI, my confidence level is high when engaging in conversations with other managers, knowing that I am equipped with the knowledge that allows me to speak fluently on topics of discussion. Managers are now approaching me for advice on various challenges that they encounter. My participation and input on projects and upgrades around the Club, and my active involvement on major project teams has made me a strong team member, thanks to RDI!

RDI is the best thing that has happened to me with regard to achieving my career goals and it is because of that accomplishment that I have no hesitation in recommending RDI to others. I believe that RDI has made me into an even stronger manager, with a clear vision and understanding of operations of a business. Anyone who wants to achieve their dream of recognition and job advancement should not hesitate to contact RDI to begin building a solid career path. RDI has taken learning to levels that no other online learning institution has achieved, which puts RDI at the forefront of online studies.

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