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RDI – Anglia Ruskin University Graduation

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Article by: Paul Stevens

What does graduating with your UK university qualification feel like?

“Proud”, “wonderful” and “empowered” are just some of the words students use to describe how our students feel on the day they graduate. The joy of achievement was shared by their proud friends and families who have supported them throughout their journeys.

During a recent Graduation Ceremony at our partner university, Anglia Ruskin, some of our graduates wanted to share their feelings and thoughts on studying online, their course and what their future holds.

Although we’ve helped them along their journey, the true work came from their commitment to the course, their drive to complete it and their ambitions for the future.

If the thought of studying has ever crossed your mind, or your curious about how graduating might feel – why not try it? You can check what course you could be eligible for online.

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Did you know? Many students are eligible for a course with their work experience alone.

Those who choose to study with RDI join a family and network over 50,000 students, across the world, who have studied with us. Many of our students have work and family commitments – so we do everything we can to help them complete their course and open up options for their career.

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