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A new qualification could help progress your career

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Article by: Kate Siedlecka

An increase in employment opportunities

As the UK’s economy has seen recent improvement there has also been a significant increase of graduate jobs being created, which we may not have seen since the recession began.

Graduates within information technology, health care, construction, property, engineering, accountancy, HR and marketing are predicted to have an influx of opportunities and job creations which is great news for recent graduates.

The UK Government in particular has had a recent focus with the encouragement of more ‘skills based’ qualifications alongside apprenticeship schemes, where students may miss out on having a university qualification.

How could you maximise your potential?

Online learning has already been predicted to be ‘the best of both worlds’ and the ‘way of learning in the future’, as students can learn in their own time whilst building careers around their studies unlike with traditional ‘red brick’ programmes.laptop

It is important to remember that as online courses become increasingly popular, students should look to learn more ‘careers driven university qualifications’ to get the edge, so they’re ready to put theory into practice efficiently and to help their future employment prospects.


Source(s) The Telegraph, Independent

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