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Online degrees

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Article by: RDI

Rise of the online degree

Online degrees have developed radically over the past 10 years.  Increases in costs for campus based students, and greater demand for flexible learning means that there has been a surge in demand for online and home study.  Significant advances in technology mean that students who opt to study their degrees online benefit from access to lectures and support while also having the advantage of being able to study for an internationally recognised degree at their own pace.

RDI have been in the industry of distance learning for many years and have enabled thousands of students to study online degrees successfully and affordably.

Browse our online courses, discover what our students say and find out how we ensure quality for all our students.


Your online learning experience


In the past, online degrees had connotations of inconvenience:  Studying alone, recording lectures from the TV, or waiting for materials to be delivered by post.  The modern reality is very different.  RDI’s distance learning students have fully interactive study materials available online; the ability to access a support network of tutors and advisors, and are part of a worldwide community of students.



The flexibility of online degrees means that many RDI students can work full-time while they study.  This means that they can benefit from the ability to apply the skills they get from their studies as they learn.  Discover exactly what our students say about their learning experience and how they have changed their world through innovative learning.


Find out why RDI can help you and how you can graduate with more.

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