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More options for school leavers: RDI is now listed on UCAS

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Article by: Meera Bhanji

RDI are pleased to announce that, for the first time, courses offered through RDI are now listed on UCAS.

This means that prospective students have the choice whether to apply directly through RDI or through UCAS, and demonstrates RDI’s continued commitment to help a wider audience have even more choice when it comes to UK Higher Education.

Who are UCAS?

UCAS are the ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service’ – a central application service for prospective undergraduates. UCAS processes over 3 million applications every year. Their aim is to help students make informed choices that are right for them; guiding them, as well as their parents and advisers, through the entire higher education application process.

Joining the UCAS scheme is another signal of RDI’s quality, credibility and respect within UK Higher Education and we are delighted to offer students more choice than ever before.

What this means for students

Many school leavers and A-level graduates assume that there are only a handful of options when it comes to further studies or starting their career. This new listing on UCAS can help more young people have a more open choice about the path they wish to follow.

Campus-based university isn’t for everyone, and nor are apprenticeships or gap years for that matter. Distance learning with RDI is the option for a route to a degree without mortgage-style levels of debt, offering greater flexibility to begin a career whilst studying rather than waiting until after graduation and joining the annual scramble to join a graduate scheme.

Applying through UCAS

RDI list all undergraduate courses with UCAS, giving prospective students the unique choice to either apply through UCAS or directly with RDI.

Due to the UCAS system, currently students can apply to RDI through UCAS but they will be subject to the standard UCAS application fee. However the good news is that they can reduce costs even further by applying for free online through RDI’s website at

How to find us on UCAS

To view RDI’s UCAS listing please search for us using provider code R25 or visit us by clicking the link. or alternatively view what courses we offer by clicking the link below.


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