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Distance Learning Law Degrees

RDI partner with some of the UK’s top universities to offer distance learning Law degrees and diplomas that you can study at your own pace for an internationally recognised qualification.

A law degree is often essential to help you reach your future career goals, as it provides you with the knowledge and also the skills that are so important to understand the theory and practice of law.

If you’re planning to study for a distance learning law degree with RDI, you will need to ensure that you fulfil certain basic requirements and are able to commit the required time to study.

Distance Learning Law Degree FAQ

What are the entry requirements for a distance learning law degree?

In general, to study a degree through RDI you must possess either 2 A-levels or an Access to Higher Education qualification. Although, candidates without any formal qualifications may be considered on their own merits and we encourage you to submit an application.

Am I eligible for funding to study law online?

If you meet three broad eligibility criteria, you will be able to apply for funding for your undergraduate course.

  1. You are UK and EU resident, living in England or Wales
  2. You are studying a full three-year honours degree or final year top-up or BTEC Level 5 HND
  3. You are studying this qualification for the first time

How long will the law degree take to complete?

Most courses are expected to be completed within 4.5 years. However, our online distance learning students have flexibility in setting their own pace of study, which means that the course can be completed in a minimum period of 3 years.

How does distance learning work for law?

Studying around 12 – 15 hours a week in your own time, you will acquire knowledge, understanding and a range of practical skills relating to the discipline and study of law, which are applicable to a range of legal and non-legal sectors, and in a variety of geographical and cultural settings. Simultaneously you will develop a range of transferable skills that will aid you as you pursue a law-related career or further relevant study.

What support can I expect from my university?

We know that studying online can be a big unknown, so we want to make sure you are confident in this modern alternative to on-campus study.

We provide you with an interactive online platform where you can access all your course materials and interact with other students. You also have a specialist tutor allocated for each module. They bring the materials to life, encourage lively debate and discussion around the subject and also provide feedback on your work. There’s also our UK based Student Support team available by phone and email to help with technical and pastoral questions, like how to hand in your assignment, when assignments are due, what to do if you need to take a study break.

Which universities offer law degrees with distance learning?

RDI offer a law degree, which is awarded by Anglia Ruskin University.