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Is campus life right for you?

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Article by: Kate Siedlecka

Making decisions about going to university may seem natural and unidirectional in the current economic climate – according to the analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the proportion of working-age adults in the UK with a degree has more than doubled in two decades – rising to 38% and making holding a degree more of a necessity. Despite this, there are still doubts over studying for a degree – so we put together a 5 Point Guide to disperse the myths and provide some clarification.

1. I will end up in mountains of debt

As UK fee levels massively increased in the past 5 years, the prospect of sinking over £50,000 into debt doesn’t sound truly appealing. Thankfully, the world of modern technology has enabled the creation of new alternative routes, where you don’t need to fall into mountains of debt to achieve your learning ambitions. Moreover, the abundance of flexible payment options available makes it all even more affordable.

Jamie Quote

 2.A degree is enough without work experience

The fifth annual Global Employability University Survey conducted by French company Emerging, was released last month. The survey showed that when assessing which University they would look to recruit from, employers indicated that the production of ready-to-work graduates is as important as university reputation.

What if we told you there is an easy way to break the vicious cycle of ‘no job without experience, no experience without a job’? Online learning gives you the flexibility to work and gain that all important work experience whilst studying for your qualification. Picture yourself with a degree in your hand and years of experience under your belt – that’s the advantage your peers may not have. Now, guess who is more likely to get that dream job?

3. On campus living is convenientOffice_building_icon

Sadly, not everyone is placed in conveniently located, on-campus residence halls. You may be expected to commute to your lectures every morning and believe us, it doesn’t come cheap – both money or time wise. Instead, you could be in your PJ’s, with a hot cup of tea in your hands, logging into your latest lesson from the comfort of your own home.

4. My social life will be at its peak

While university is certainly a great place to meet new people, it takes a certain type of person to fully enjoy it – some of us will sooner or later find ourselves to be frantically knocking on Jane’s wall (Jane is your neighbour who LOVES having friends around until the early hours of the morning) and looking at your next takeaway in disgust (and we are speaking from experience). It’s great for some, but one size doesn’t fit all!

5. Less Stress!

hour glassCommitting yourself to full time study means three years of your life dedicated to lectures, essays and examinations. For many of us, such a prospect is daunting. By studying online, you are able to work at your own speed and even spread the work over a longer period – so you are able to ease into the process.

An on campus University life is perfect for some people, but it isn’t for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you need to give up on the idea of gaining a University qualification altogether – after all, investing in yourself is worth it. Simply research your options and you will know that other routes are available and perhaps even more suited to your personal circumstances. Good luck on your university journey!

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