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More about LLB (Hons)

An LLB is an undergraduate degree ideal for those who want to further their knowledge in the field of Law.

Why Choose a Distance Learning LLB (Hons) with Arden University and RDI?

Some LLB students study for interest or to enhance their existing careers, whilst others are hoping to embark on a qualification that would be recognized as a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD) and be their first step towards becoming a solicitor or barrister. We have developed this qualification to help you become qualified whilst maintaining a busy schedule – so you can take the opportunity to work or intern while you study, to further boost your studies and gain invaluable experience. The full academic programme will be delivered online, resulting in a truly flexible and unique QLD.

How Long Will The Course Take?

For your LLB (Hons) to be recognized as a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD) for the purpose of completing the academic stage of legal training to become a solicitor or a barrister, it must be completed in no more than six years and your study must include compulsory law modules. Therefore, the maximum study time allowed to complete the Online LLB (Hons) is 6 years.

However, our online distance learning students have flexibility in setting their own pace of study, which means that the course can also be completed in a minimum period of 3 years.

Where can I study?

One of the many benefits of studying your LLB degree online is that you can fit your studies in around your existing work commitments, as you’re not tied down to a structure of classes.

Study and learning takes place online, so wherever you have access to the internet – you can study.

We make sure that you always have access to an extensive support network, including full tutor support for guidance and to answer all academic questions.

Which Universities Offer These Qualifications?

The Distance Learning LLB is offered by Arden University.

Who are these courses recognized by?

Our QLD is an innovative provision of legal education which meets the requirements of the LETR, SRA, BSB and Law Society. If your intention is to practice law in countries other than England and Wales, you should contact the regulating body in your own jurisdiction and confirm that the English LLB fulfils academic requirements and the additional training needed.

What are my Career Opportunities?

The programme will see you through the first academic stage of legal training to become a solicitor or a barrister. Upon completing your QLD you will be required to take the Legal Practice Course or Bar Vocational Course (additional/other academic training may need to be undertaken to complete training as a professional if you wish to practice law in a country other than England and Wales).

The programme will enable you to acquire knowledge, understanding and a range of practical skills relating to the discipline and study of law, which are applicable to a range of legal and non-legal sectors, and in a variety of geographical and cultural settings.

Simultaneously you will develop a range of transferable skills that will aid you as you pursue a law-related career or further relevant study.

Am I Eligible?

Although each application will be reviewed on an individual basis, the basic requirements for this course are two Subjects at GCE A level or equivalent, plus passes at grade C or above in three subjects at GCSE level or equivalent; or completion of a recognised Access Programme or equivalent.

You will have excellent support throughout your studies, however having a strong command of the English language and the ability to plan your work is essential to ensure that you understand course work fully.

How Much Does an Online LLB QLD Degree Cost?

The specific cost of your distance learning LLB will depend on factors such as your location, whether you choose to pay in full or opt for flexible modular payments. We believe Higher Education fees should be straightforward, so Arden University course fees cover every reasonable cost required for completing your course. Our admissions advisors are happy to take you through the options available to  you. Click here to view all the fee options.

A benefit of online learning is that you can study at your own pace, so we offer instalment plans for your course. With Pay as You Go, you have the benefit of being able to pause your payments if you take a break in your studies to make the cost easier to manage.

Residents of England and Wales may also apply for a Student Loan, exactly the same as campus based students. This means there are no upfront fees to pay in order to enrol, and you only begin to make repayment for your degree once you graduate (or 4 years after the start of your course; whichever comes first) and are earning over £21,000*. Even then, at a salary of £22,000 the monthly repayment would be just £7. Student Loans don’t appear on credit records or searches so won’t affect your future borrowing.

*Figure taken November 2015


studying Higher Education in the UK.

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students studying UK higher education by distance learning

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