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More about BA (Hons) Courses

An undergraduate degree in a variety of subjects awarded by one of the UK’s leading universities.

Your Bachelor of Arts Degree with RDI

Studying a Bachelor of Arts degree with RDI on a distance learning basis gives you access to an internationally recognised academic qualification that you can manage at your own pace.

You can study for your BA (Hons) in a range of subjects including business, marketing, and graphic design and get a qualification that will help you take the next step in your career.

What is a BA (Hons Degree)?

The BA (Hons) is an undergraduate degree that is equivalent to a BSc (Hons) or LLB (Hons) and is typically studied following on from A Levels or BTEC equivalent qualifications, however many courses are available following two years full-time work experience.  The Bachelor of Arts can be awarded in a variety of subjects.

Our Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered through a number of UK Universities including Anglia Ruskin, The University of Bradford, and the University of Sunderland, and are recognised internationally.

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BA (Hons):  Your Questions Answered

Our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions will help you decide whether the BA (Hons) qualifications we offer are right for you.

How Long Will The Course Take?

While studying online means you can complete your BA (Hons) at your own pace we would usually expect students to complete their degree in 4 years.  If you can study on a full time basis, you should aim to complete your degree in 3 years – the same as it would take at a conventional university.

What Kind of Support Will I Get

Distance learning is different from studying full-time on-campus at a university, but at RDI we work with our university partners to provide you with the maximum amount of educational support.  You will have direct access to course tutors in your structured programme, and benefit from their experience in guiding you through your studies.

Where Can I Study?

The benefit of completing your BA (Hons) online is that you are free to study where and whenever is convenient for you.  This means that you can fit your studies in around existing work commitments.  As with any educational work, it’s important to provide yourself with an environment that is suited to study.

We provide you with an extensive support network to help you get the best possible result from your studies including doubling the usual support levels during your first year to help you acclimatise to studying for your degree.

Which Universities Award the BA (Hons)?

We partner with 3 major UK universities to offer this degree.  Each specialises in a different range of subjects, but all are internationally recognised.

Your degree will be awarded directly by either the University of Bradford, The University of Sunderland, or Anglia Ruskin University.

Is an Online BA (Hons) Widely Recognised?

The Bachelor of Arts is a well-known and fully recognised undergraduate degree which employers worldwide accept as proof of your advanced study in your chosen subject.

What are my Career Opportunities with a BA (Hons) Degree?

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is usually a requirement for access to any graduate scheme with businesses.  Choosing a specific course that is relevant to your chosen career will help you to progress as it demonstrates your advanced understanding of the subject matter.

Who is a BA (Hons) for?

People choose to study for a BA for a number of reasons.  Having an undergraduate degree can be very helpful in achieving progress within your existing career, but it is also an opportunity for you to formalise your interest in a particular subject with an academic qualification.

Am I Eligible?

A BA (Hons) degree is an undergraduate programme that includes intensive study of a particular subject.  Typically the entry requirements set by universities to study for an undergraduate degree include:

  • Existing qualifications to A Level or equivalent

However work experience is also taken into account. Applicants with two years full-time work experience are welcome to apply. You can check your eligibility online now by clicking here

A Bachelor of Arts degree will lead to a deep understanding of a subject, and as such strong language skills are highly recommended.  As such, you should have

  • English language ability equivalent to IELTS 5.5

Depending on your existing skills and knowledge of a particular subject, specific academic qualifications may not be required for entry, although you should still be able to demonstrate strong learning skills.

How Much Does It Cost?

The specific cost of your BA (Hons) degree with RDI will be dependent on the subject and also the university that you choose to study with.  Typical fees for a degree will be lower than on-campus equivalent.

Online learning offers you the ability to study at your own pace, and as such we offer a Pay As You Go plan to cover the fees of your BA (Hons) degree.  Bachelor of Arts fees are usually an initial payment followed by payment for each step of your study.

With Pay as You Go, you have the benefit of being able to pause your payments if you take a break in your studies to make the cost of getting your degree easier to manage.

Loans to cover degree funding for part time students in England and Wales and your application will be treated on the same terms as full time students.

Our admissions team will welcome your application for your chosen course and will be happy to discuss all your study options and answer your questions.

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