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Key Terms for courses that are delivered via blended learning or full time study by Arden University Ltd

For ease of viewing, below is a summary of key terms for any courses offered by Arden University Ltd (RDI) (formerly Resource Development International Ltd) that contain elements of face-to-face teaching in a classroom environment. Unless otherwise specified the statements relate to both blended learning and full time study If you wish to view RDI’s full Terms and Conditions please click here.

Arden University Ltd terminology explained

Throughout this summary we may use terminology that may be unfamiliar. To help you, we have explained some of these terms and phrases below:

“Blended Learning” is the learning experience offered by Arden University Ltd where coursedelivery combines the use of ilearn withface to face seminars/classes
“Full time” is an undergraduate programme of study that consists of 120 credits per academic year
“ilearn” is our virtual learning environment through which you study a course and access all course materials.
“Learning environment” are the environments you will have available to you to aide your studies. This means both virtual and physical environments.
“Maximum Study Period” is the period of time, set out in the Student Handbook, for which any module of a course will be available to you.
“Programme Fees” are the fees applicable to your course.
“Student Handbook” means the handbook given to you when you join a course.

About courses delivered by blended learning or full time study

Arden University Ltd (RDI) work with further education partners to offer Higher Education courses delivered by blended learning and full time study. The delivery of these courses will combine ilearn (a virtual learning environment) with face-to-face delivery and access to the partners campus facilities.

The courses offered are subject to demand. In the event of a course offered by blended learning or full time study becoming unavailable for enrolment, applicants will be offered an alternative form of study.

Blended learning courses will deliver 80 credits worth of modules per academic year. Full time courses will deliver 120 credits worth of modules per academic year with the time frame specified on the course information PDF or prospectus.

Any advertising, text, images and specifications contained in any blended learning or fulltime study marketing materials, including online, are issued/ published for illustrative purposes only and do not form part of the Contract with you. Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, any materials issued shall be subject to correction, provided that the correction does not materially affect the Contract. We reserve the right (but do not assume the obligation) to make any changes to the courses which are required to comply with any applicable legislation.

Arden University Ltd (RDI) works with a number of awarding bodies which are approved by the QAA as having degree awarding powers. As these relationships change RDI reserves the right to transfer you to another QAA approved awarding body.

How the application process works

If you wish to join a course you must complete the relevant application form and submit this to Arden University (RDI). You must also provide any required documentation as specified. All applications are considered on an individual basis taking into consideration all qualifications and work experience.

Blended learning and full time study is only available to UK residents and proof of residency may be required in support of your application.

If we approve your application we will notify you that we have accepted your application and are prepared to grant you a place on the course.

Please note: You will not be granted access to your learning environment or release learning materials to you until we have received payment of the course fees.

About course fees

The fee for courses offered by Arden University Ltd (RDI) will be those quoted on the website at the time of your application and are exclusive of the annual registration fee and membership fees of relevant professional bodies.

Payment for course fees can be made by you, a personal or official company sponsor or lender. Courses are designed so that fees can be supported by a student loan.

We will grant you access to the learning materials and learning environment associated with your chosen programme, once payment has been received and in accordance with module delivery date.

We want to make sure you are happy on your course, so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee which means you remain in control. If you begin your studies and change your mind for any reason within the first 30 days, simply ask and we’ll give you your money back with our ‘no quibble’ guarantee. Please view our full RDI Terms and Conditions here for more details.

Registration Fees

An annual registration fee of £175 is applicable for all students during each year of study. This fee is in addition to the course fees and irrespective of payment method and length of study.

Understanding the course materials, learning environments and tutor support

You will need a computer and an internet connection to access ilearn as this is where you will find essential learning materials. You will have access to our partners campus and facilities.

All courses delivered by blended learning and full time study include an on-campus induction and suite of seminars/classes. These will be delivered by Arden University employees, academic experts, and partner employees.

Throughout the duration of your study you will have access to your learning environments, Programme materials and tutor support. Once you have completed your study access to the aforementioned will cease.

Blended learning only

When you have purchased a Module, access to your learning environments, Programme materials and tutor support will be available for the Maximum Study Period for that Module as set out in Student Handbook for your course.

Please note: If you do not complete a Module within the Maximum Study Period then we reserve the right to withdraw your access to your learning environments, Programme materials and tutor support until we receive payment from you in cleared funds of a re-activation fee of £285.

How courses are assessed

You will be given a timetable to help you prepare for assessments and it is recommended that you follow the guidelines given. If you cannot meet assessment deadlines it is important you contact our Student Support team as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Blended learning only – Due to the inclusion of face-to-face seminars, students must complete modules in accordance with the programme delivery timetable, as detailed in your Student handbook. Failure to do so may result in students being transferred to Online Distance Learning delivery with limited or no access to campus seminars.


Assignments should be submitted in accordance with the course guidance in the Student Handbook.

Assignments will be marked and feedback will be provided. If you do not meet the requirements to pass the assignment you will receive a referral grade, it may be possible to reattempt the assessment but this is subject to approval. If you fail an assessment or examination, you may be charged a re-assessment fee if you wish to take the assessment or examination again.

Further information is available to you

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